Monday, February 3, 2014

Fairy Tales and Happily Ever After

Fairy Tales...good or bad?  When I was little Cinderella was my favorite movie.  I put myself in her shoes and dreamed of escaping the troubles in my life.  I dreamed that one day a prince would come in and take me away from it all.  I so wanted my happily ever after. In a way that fairy tale state of mind really never left my mind.  Looking back I feel I romanticized things in my life.  Now as a child, no one says anything because it's sweet and expected as a part of their innocence.  When do you set that aside? Does someone come to you at certain age and tell you that you have to stop and that's not the way the world works? No one did for me. Did they for you?

When I had my first serious relationships, I was so naive.  I really believed that if you loved someone so much that it would all work out.  Is it sweet or just stupid?  After finding out the hard way and getting my heart crushed a few times, those rose colored glasses were off.

As we grow up and we see the reality of the world it often seems so mean to let young children believe so much in fairy tales. However, the flip side is that you want shield them from the world as long as possible.  Do we not want them to be innocent and happy as long as possible?

I don't know about every little girl, but for me, those Disney movies with happy endings were a way of escape and a sign of hope that life could be different.  As a child, those movies would help me escape thoughts of abuse and other issues that were in my life at the time. Now, I don't watch so many Disney movies, but I read books and watch movies.  You know women get picked on by men for reading romance novels.  If something was ever said to me, I would say, "Why not?" Why wouldn't I want to read about love that lasts forever and reading about places I may never see, maybe even live in a time past.  It's a time to escape for a bit.  Is that still healthy?  I don't know, but I think everyone needs and has a place that they can just leave reality behind for a while.  My husband uses video games.  I use books and movies with happy endings!

I still like happily ever after endings....even if I know they aren't real.