Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poo on Toast!

A woman I work with and I had a really good laugh today.  She yelled out, "Crap on a stick!"  I told her that I guess us it's a matter of preference for us country girls.  I told her that I say, "Poo on Toast!"

That got me thinking of other country saying I have grown up with.  One of my favorites seems to be, "There is more than one way to skin a cat." I heard that from my grandpa and others.  It means there is more than one way of doing things.  For my dad it was something he said when he rigged something to work.  That's probably when I use it most too.  Another one that my Dad told me all the time was "Lick your calf over again."  I said this a few times at work and got asked what that was supposed to mean.  Well if you grew up on a farm you know that mother cows lick their calves clean. Well if you are told to lick your calf again, it means you missed something and/or didn't do it right.  They thought it was funny.  I never did growing up because I was doing things like chores over again because it wasn't to his liking.

One of my favorites that I can remember is probably hearing my grandma use "piss-ant."  I didn't realize it when I was little, but now I know she was doing it from using curse words.  I can hear her fussing and saying how my grandpa was acting like such a piss-ant.  I used it get tickled.  I guess because it sounded funny.

It's funny those simple country saying that we grew up with that may sound so strange to others.  For me, I didn't want my kids growing up listening to curse words come from my mouth.  So if ever I got frustrated, I preferred my poo on toast!